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Shrimp Boat Sharks

Every spring the cleaning shrimp boat sit nearshore. After a night of fishing they clean their nets, throwing back other species and shrimp waste , this calls in the sharks. Kind of like a dinner bell for multiple species. If you are lucky enough to catch them at the right moment ( and maybe hand over a few beers ) these shrimp fishermen will even help you out with bait. They are at sea for a few weeks and supplies start to run low, last year they also asked for soda and Publix subs! Remember this if you are reading this report and headed out to try to hook up on your own, take care of the shrimpers. They take care of you!

Shark Fishing

We were able to hook up to a number of sharks after cruising by a few empty boats. When we pulled up I could see the sharks finning at the back of the boat. We were able to land 5 sharks in about 2 hours. Mostly spinner and blacktip sharks hooked today. These sharks are known to be acrobatic and a fun fight! The BIG bull sharks and hammerheads will begin to cruise the pass, awaiting the return of tarpon in grande numbers. Book your shark adventure today!

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