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February Monsters

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Every caught a fish as big as you?! Goliath Grouper is always a crowd pleaser and a favorite during spring break fishing. These fish are active year round, warm, cold, rain or shine they are ready to snatch up whatever bait you can swim in front of them.

These fish are protected and are catch and release only. We participate in the FWC DNA study to track population and migration patterns of these fish that can grow up to 500lbs!

Anglers catch these fish with the help of the Deck Gear fighting chair to give them the ultimate advantage against these powerful giants! These fish are caught with a 50w reel and 600lb LINE! We used to use heavier but it was PULLING people overboard, so we downgraded so it will break for safety! Can you hang on?!

Check out this video from an inshore Goliath Grouper Trip! Sound on!

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