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Shark & Snook Week!

Father and Daughter fishing crew this week. Eric and Courtlyn set out to hook up on some BIG fish over two days while vacationing in Florida. Being "shark week" on the discovery channel was a perfect time to hook up to some toothy critters. Day one we went for Goliath Grouper first. Although they are pretty picky for their reputation for being a reef glutton. If you don't have the right bait, it can make or break your trip. Thankfully for us the reef was alive as we pulled up. Easily catching some extra bait incase they wanted to be picky. Courtlyn was successful on catching a few!

Next day we were on to sharks. This time of year common species are Bull sharks, Blacktip, Spinner, Lemon and nurse sharks. I wish I had my go pro today. As I mixed the bloodstream and started to get a nice chum slick behind the boat you could see the sharks circling. Courtlyn hooked up to a few sharks that dropped the hook, then one stuck. She did a great job and fought it like a pro. Getting it boat side for a few photos before its release.

As we moved in search of more sharks, I stopped at one of my favorite inshore spots. Check out this snook Courtlyn reeled in. Measuring 40 inches long and 29 inch girth! Impressive measurements, she was released after a few photos!

I had to get Eric hooked up on a "shark week" shark too. Just as we were about to call it a day, we get a bite! After a short battle Eric reeled in a HUGE nurse shark. That takes some serious muscle since they use their body weight against you during the fight. This crew was a blast to fish with. Father and Daughter hooked into some BIG fish and made some great memories on the water.

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