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BIG Fish Battle

Our guests today were father and sons looking to hook into some big fish. We fished nearshore for Goliath Grouper. These fish are especially active during the warm summer months. They stick to our nearshore reefs in large numbers to spawn. Giving anglers the opportunity to hook into multiple fish and really test their strength.

The brothers hooked into a few getting them boat side for photos and fin clippings for FWC ( Florida Fish and Wildlife) We are helping them with a study on Goliath DNA to aid in determining their population size in the Gulf of Mexico. Goliath Grouper range in size from 80-500lbs in our local waters. Smaller grouper like the one pictured below are a perfect size for their research.

Captain Andrew is allowed to remove Goliath Grouper from the water via permit of FWC. They are handled with care and returned after measurement and fin clipping.

Peter hooked up to this 12 foot + tiger shark yesterday afternoon. It ate a free lined live mullet on a shark rig. 480 cable to 300lb leader. He fought it for nearly two hours! Not the greatest water quality, but we captured a glimpse of his shark on GoPro to go along with his fish tale. Watch his shark experience below!

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