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Weekend Bites

Cruising around this weekend was a bit windy, but the fish didn't seem to mind. Snook are active and attacking white bait the second it hits the water. Size ranging from juvenile to slot size. Although these fish are still closed to harvest in our area.

I will be the first to tell you, this closure was much needed. We are now seeing our larger fish in the area, and plenty of juveniles. Which is a great sign for the future. Trout have been after pinfish, weighted on a jig head or under a cork if you are in a more grassy area.

Redfish have been hanging in schools. Some on sandbars in low tide and others are WAY up under the mangroves in the shade. The fish in these pictures were caught along the same shore line, while 100 feet to right along the sandbar, there wasn't a bite to be had. Move around and cover ground to make the most of your day!

Ready to catch yours? Call/ text 941-661-0304 or book online!

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