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Silver Kings Continue

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

As summer officially begins tomorrow, the tarpon fishing in South West Florida is in full swing. They have moved out on to our beaches in huge numbers over the last few days. Its been a great bite. Ted and Paul pictured below with some great fish brought boat side.

With the tarpon come the sharks. Tarpon season always produces the biggest sharks of the year. Mainly bull sharks and hammer heads but other species are mixed in. They have been extra aggressive this year.

Just yesterday, my son filmed the video below. The sharks are roaming the beach and we’re chasing us, whenever we had a fish on! At one time EIGHT bull sharks were counted behind the boat. ⁣⁣


Wait that’s not the best part! A red helicopter appears and assists in keeping the sharks away, by scaring them away with the propeller sound. Shout out to him, we were able to successfully land this fish.

Video Credit- Aiden Herzog

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