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Predator Fishing

Barry and Jenna joined me on an afternoon charter in hopes to hook up to a few sharks. If you've seen our Facebook video from last week, you know there are plenty of toothy critters roaming our beaches and passes right now. These sharks are following the tarpon schools and are in search of an easy meal.

We actually started this trip in little Gasparilla pass. Cruised the beach and fished a tarpon pod for about an hour. Hooking a few fish and hoping that would signal the sharks. We can see them on the Humming bird side scan, they stay on the edge of the pods pushing the fish. Waiting for the perfect time to strike. Although this pod was active they didn't seem to have any sharks near by.

We drove along the beach all the way into the pass. It was the least amount of boat's Ive seen all year. These sharks are fast learners, they know the sound of the diesel boats reversing means a hooked fish. It wasn't a minute the first bait was in the water before Barry had a fish on the line. There were so many sharks, at one point we could just see them swimming around while Jenna was hooked up!

Check out the video of their catch below!

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