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Near Shore Update

Windy weather has kept us inshore for most of December. A nice break in the weather let us get out into the Gulf of Mexico. With many of our inshore species closed, many anglers are looking for a catch they can bring home for dinner. One of the best winter species is the triple tail! These fish love our cooler water months, they hang out underneath structure. They are a FUN sight cast and a delicious fish. They have plenty of meat, and can be prepared a few different ways.

Looking for BIG fish? Goliath grouper have been a blast throughout our winter months. These fish range from 100-500lbs, we catch them using a Penn 50w reel with 600lb line! Imagine what it takes to break that line. Scott took his catch to the nearby shoreline for easy hook removal. Fish was safely released shortly after photo!

Wanna catch one? Book online or call/ text 941-661-0304

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