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Inshore Summer

We've had one HOT summer. This week we are finally getting some rain. The water temps were up near 90 degrees in the heat of the day. Making inshore fishing the best in the morning. The rain will help cool the water down a few degrees, getting the fish all fired up and ready to eat! Live bait is plentiful, recently inshore small (I mean tiny) pinfish and white bait has been the most successful. Larger redfish are crushing blue crabs and cut bait.

Ive fished a lot of great families over the last few weeks. Its great to get them out on the water before the kids are back in school. Redfish are hanging out inshore and are WAY up under the mangrove bushes. Lively bait gets their attention. Snook are scattered along the flats causing searching for food. Fan out a few different baits around your boat in different directions, and see what bites first.

Looking for dinner? Inshore mangrove snapper have been everywhere. Anglers are easily catching a limit during a 4 hour inshore trip! If you are looking for edible species please mention to the Captain at the time of booking.

Ready to schedule your trip? Call or text 941.661.0304 or book online

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