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Goliath of a Trip

Maria, Jeremiah, Eduardo set out for a fun day on the water. July is HOT and so is the fishing! Their target species was Goliath grouper! These fish are generally found near shore on wrecks and reefs. Our area has some pretty unique and DEEP structure where these fish like to hang out. For being such a HUGE fish, they are pretty lazy. Setting up in a current and inhaling what fish, sting rays and crustacean swims by.

The Deck Gear stool gives the angler the ultimate advantage on these fish. That reel is strapped to the boat for a reason. Often these fish strike without warning and often feel like we threw 300lb bolder over the side and hooked you to it. HOLD ON! In stead of the angler going overboard, we prefer the reel takes a hit. We can easily pull it back on board, sometimes with your fish STILL ON. Its happened!

Everyone got to hook a Goliath during their trip and we were close enough to shore they got some GREAT photos of their catches too. We are still working with FWC to collect DNA on these fish to assist them in assessing their population and migration across the state. I hold a permit to briefly posses the fish whole taking this data before returning it to the wild. We DO NOT bring them on board the boat. We keep them in the shallows like the fish pictured. This helps distribute their weight and prevent injury to the fish.

Ready to catch one? Call or text 941.661.0304 to book your Goliath Charter

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