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Fall Flats Fishing

Fall is here, but you wouldn't know it in Southwest Florida. Our days are still near 90 degrees with afternoon showers. We had our first cool front last week which brought the low to 70. Our inshore waters fluctuate between 80-85 degrees.

Redfish schools are just starting to show up along our grass flats and mangrove shore line. They prefer active live bait best, while the over slot fish have been snagging the cut bait on the bottom.

There are plenty of snook around too. Most common size is just under slot size at around 25 inches. Although these fish along with redfish and trout are still closed to harvest due to the red tide event our area suffered in 2018. Thankfully since then, our waters have been clean and our fish have been making a come back. These three species have been thriving since their protection.

Ready to catch yours? Inshore trips start at $400!

Call or text 941-661-0304 or book online!

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