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Backcountry Crusin

Fishing our flats in Charlotte harbor & Gasparilla sound has been a blast this week. With back to back cold fronts, its been a great place to hide from the windy weather, and hook up to some fish. Live bait wins over artificial, unless you are out at first light. A top water lure is always fun at sunrise. By sun up they are wise to the game. Snook especially are chasing down white bait as soon as it hits the water.

Redfish are a bit lazier and are eating chunks of cut bait, or live bait. They have been hanging out more around structure. Docks, sunken pilings or WAY up under the mangroves on a high tide. They do cruse the open flat, typically during the outdoing tide. If you can find the right spot, you can catch these fish coming and going!

Ready to fish? You can book online, calendar is updated daily! Or call/text 941.661.0304

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