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April Tarpon Bite

Tarpon are just starting to gather in our passes and are also cruising around Charlotte Harbor. These fish will continue to be the most prevalent in May and June. Pass crabs and thread fins have been the bait of choice. Video below is from this morning, it was a great bite. Mr. Bell did a great job keeping his fish hooked in rougher seas on a crowded morning in the pass. Check out his clip below!

While there are plenty of tarpon, there are also plenty of sharks. The biggest challenge today wasn't hooking a fish. It was keeping the bull sharks and hammer heads away from them. Its also a great time for shark fishing, if that is on your bucket list, April-May-June are your best months for the biggest fish. Over the years these sharks have learned how to hang out around the boat, waiting to go in for the kill! We do our best to break the leader and release fish immediately if a shark is following, but occasionally the oceans biggest bully wins.

We are still fishing and have availaibitly in MAY and JUNE.

Check out our online booking site, my calendar is updated daily!

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