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Bull Sharks

With our gulf waters sitting at 83 degrees, bait is moving around. All types of predators are following. During a recent trip we happen to find some Spanish mackerel. After catching a few, I noticed sharks on the Hummingbird side scan. They were pretty aggressive with all the food hanging around. Chasing the bait up to the surface when I re-cast. It wasn't long until we had a big shark on the line.

After about a 15 min battle the first shark was caught tagged and released. Two were caught during this trip around the same size about 6.5- 7 feet. Sharks chase food, the most exciting shark fishing is when their food is migrating. Mullet, Mackerel, and bait schools near shore are the winter fish they seem to chase the most often.

These medium size bull sharks will hang around as long as their food does. Sandbar sharks will start to move in as the water cools. Boca Grande Pass sees a yearly sandbar migration. These sharks travel all the way up the east cost of the United States every year. They are about the same size as the bull shark pictured below and just as feisty

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