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Inshore Bites

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

This weekend was the first official weekend of Fall! Did it feel like fall where you are? Here in SWFL we are seeing a bit cooler overnight temps. Our days are still topping out in the 90's! Our first memorable cold front usually hits around thanksgiving. Until then we stay pretty toasty!

This week I've had some great guests on the boat. We stayed inshore and caught a variety of fish.

In the back country the bite is really heating up. Juvenile snook are everywhere and the BIG ladies are causing along with them. Redfish are beginning to school up and are a BLAST on live bait and artificial. When the reds swim though, every rod goes off at once. You can hold them near the boat as long as you keep feeding them! These are a blast and can be caught on live bait or artificial.

Reading this and wondering what you can eat? Snook and redfish are closed for harvest. We did hook into a good number of flounder today! One of the best eating fish around. Other edibles are snapper, sheepshead, tripletail and cobia. All species prevalent in our fall and winter months!

Schedule your charter today for the best availably !

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