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The last weeks of summer break

Summer is wrapping up in most parts of the world. Ive fished some GREAT families this year. Many plan their vacations in spring and summer. Especially before the kids get back to school. On my most recent trip the Souter Family wanted to catch sharks! They got their wish, hooking up to a number of bull sharks and landing THREE! Nicely done boys, all inshore hanging out around a ladyfish school. By the end of the trip, they were thankful for that Deck Gear stool!

Inshore in the backcountry we've seen plenty of trout and redfish in and around Boca Grande and Englewood Florida. This fish are eating both live bait and artificial. Our waters are high and dark as we have seen a few weeks of rain, the most we have had all season. Good thing the fish are already wet right?

The Souter Bouys with a redfish caught the morning of the trip.

Trout are hanging out on our grass flats and are chasing down live bait. Both small pinfish and pilchards (white bait) are getting eaten as soon as they hit the surface. The guests who braved the spotty showers this month hooked up to some gorgeous fish in the back country.

The Poe family had a blast in the back water

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