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July Fishing Update

July wraps up my tarpon season. I do not fish for tarpon as my main target species after the first week in July. The bulk of our fish head offshore and our resident fish hang out in the harbor. That type of fishing takes a dedicated and patient angler. Its a bit different than fishing them during the migration. We had a great season with some amazing fish being caught. I am especially thankful that our water quality improved this year from last! Photos below from one of the last trips of the season.

The 2020 calendar is open. If you have specific vacation dates planned, I suggest booking early! I accept tarpon charters beginning April 15th 2020 though July 1st 2020

Snook are stealing the show this month. They are the most common species anglers are catching inshore. We have also caught redfish, trout and plenty of snapper. Anglers are hooking up to these fish using live bait on light tackle. Live bait is coming back into the area, but it's small. You want the liveliest biggest bait to stand out in the crowd.

Goliath Grouper have been inhaling baits as usual. Anglers are hooking into multiple fish during charters. We heard a rumor someone was telling anglers that these grouper were wiped out in the red tide. While we do lose a great number of these fish. We still have plenty that are alive and well inshore and nearshore.

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