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June Fishing Recap

Well June kept me VERY busy on the water. A mix of tarpon and inshore, and BIG game fishing. Sharks have been especially prevalent this year. Most of our large sharks have been hook along side a tarpon pod. Tarpon fishermen do not mind when you occupy the sharks for awhile. Bullshark pictured was caught by April in Boca Grande Pass.

Even with those pesky sharks. Guests caught some incredible fish during JUNE! Tarpon were active all month and are just starting to thin out now. There are fishable tarpon that move into the harbor, this type of tarpon fishing takes a patient angler as it is a bit different than traditional tarpon fishing you are used to. Harbor fish eat live thread fins, ladyfish or catfish. There are also a few pods that will hang out along the beaches before moving offshore near the end of this month.

Tarpon fishing

Goliath grouper have been hungry too, eating nearly everything I've put in front of them. They are most active on a heavy tide. Ambush eaters grabbing their meal as it swims by the structure they are hiding in! With temperatures in the 100's its a great time to JUMP IN and cool off with your catch.

Inshore our waters are VERY warm. A lot of our inshore species, snook and reds are hanging out in areas with heavy current flow. You can even find them along our beaches. Summer months are GREAT for beach snook fishing. Grab your cast net, for favorite lure. Early mornings you can find pilchards along the beaches to use for bait. Snook are a blast to sight cast in the surf. You can find them swimming, where most people stand. A FUN catch by land or boat.

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