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Tarpon & Giant Grouper

Summer heat is bringing the BIG fish. Mostly my charters have been tarpon, there have been plenty of fish for anglers to drop a crab into! Ted a regular guest on my boat FINALLY was able to get a fish boat side this year. After countless previous attempts, this one played out perfectly. Hooked right in the button. Great size, (pictured below) this fish gave Ted a great fight!

I recently took a few kids out as part of a program put on by the Charlotte harbor reef association Its called "Be the fish" and its all about getting kids into the outdoors. Well I wanted to give them a memorable experience. We started the day fishing inshore, then they caught a few jacks. Time to go see if we could get a real BIG fish to bite.

It was two against one on the rod, they did a great job working together to get this BIG fish out of the structure. Something that most adults have a hard time with. They stayed with it, holding on and reeling their big grouper to the surface for a photo they wont forget!

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