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April Fishing Update

Spring time fishing is heating up! Inshore, Nearshore and everywhere in-between. Our waters on the flats are clear and that makes for some prime bow fishing grounds. I had two sets of families recently spend the day chasing after sting rays, sheepshead, mullet and more! Even if you are a skilled archer, bow fishing is a whole new ballgame!

Speaking of those sting rays, they do not go to waste. Lets just say they go back into the food chain where they belong. Tina from Ohio learned on a recent trip. We thew a 10lb stingray into a grouper's favorite hiding spot! The look on peoples faces when they realize how big the bait is.

BAM... HOLD ON! After an intense battle Tina was able to reel in a HUGE Goliath Grouper. We took this fish to the beach to collect DNA and measurements before its release. This completes our SECOND DNA kit for FWC for this research project. These fish have been protected since the 80's due to their slow growth and reproduction, they were nearly fished to extinction. Now we just enjoy playing tug o war! Grouper pictured below is 10-15 years old!

Inshore fishing has been where Ive been parked most of this week, since this wind started. Fishing sheltered shorelines and super negative tides. Live bait is key on getting these fish to eat. Anglers have hooked up to snook, trout and redfish.

Tarpon are just starting to show up south of Boca Grande in larger numbers, they are slowly trickling in and the first official trips of the season begin next week.. We still have a few openings in May and June. Check out our website or call/txt 941-661-0304 for more information.

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