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Flats Fishing Fun

Bait Flat Views from "Devil Fish"

This week charter guests stayed hooked up to a number of species in and around Boca Grande FL. Live bait is worth the early wake up. It is abundantly along our flats before sunrise. Fishing the flats of bull and turtle bay, fish cant resist a live white bait swimming by. Shrimp haven't been lively enough to catch their attention.

Live bait of choice

Inshore there are redfish schooling up, snook prowling the flats and mangrove snapper traveling in wolf packs. As our water cools and bait moves further into shore, fishing will only get better! Our water quality has also improved. Stronger winds out of the East all week will help further push red tide blooms offshore and away from the coast.

We are a family friendly fishing charter! Kids are always welcome, they can play with bait fish in the live well, learn to tie knots, cast their own line and more. We provide Coast Guard approved life jackets for every child on board. Please mention ages of children to Captain when booking.

Schedule for fall fishing charter today, for the best availability. Book online now!

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