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Inshore FUN

Tina and her daughter Goldie visit us early from Ohio. Usually for beach eco tours. This year they wanted to fish. We stopped by one of my favorite inshore spots for kids. Its full of juvenile snook which are a blast on light tackle, and quick to bite. They both were successful in catching MANY snook and even tagging one for research!

After some fish fun Goldie wanted to hit the beach. In fact, she drove us all the way there. While we've had some issues with red tide we were able to find a clean beach to jump out, explore and grab a few sea shells before heading to lunch locally!

LIVE sand dollars and a sea shell Goldie found along the beach.

Concerned about your upcoming vacation to Florida due to water quality? Give us a call for a true and accurate update on our red tide situation. Inshore fishing has not been affected. Our snook, redfish and other inshore species have sheltered in Charlotte Harbor and our guests are still having a BLAST catching.

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