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Live Bait Wins

Starting out April with a BANG, our inshore fishing has been GREAT. Plenty of snook being hooked by anglers on light tackle. Biggest of the week measuring in at 41 inches! This big momma is pictured below. The best bite for this species has been on live green backs or "white bait" on a 3/0 circle hook. Shrimp just don't catch their attention as much.

Staying on the island? You can also catch this species from LAND! Grab your cast net and head to the shoreline. Mornings and Evenings tend to produce the best beach bite. Snook often hang out in the wave break, you know where you usually walk into the water and stand? These fish are cruising the shallows for a quick meal.

The Bigger fish are getting fired up as well. Bryan and family had a fun filled TWO days on the water. One day the spent relaxing inshore and the second they spent pulling on some BIGGER fish. Bryan caught his BIGGEST Goliath grouper and shark during this trip! Check out his photos below!

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