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Inshore Bite

How do you know when its winter in Florida? Cue the WIND! Yup thats right, another windy winter for our anglers. Although, its better than snow right? Being a Cleveland Ohio native I know that all too well. All this wind, well it really creates some casting champions.

Inshore Fishing

If you can land your white bait under those mangroves in a 15 knot wind you are a great fisherman. We do get the occasional lower wind days throughout our winter months. Those days we try to get our guests nearshore to explore the Gulf of Mexico.

Out in the Gulf, Triple Tail are hiding out under floating structure and dock pilings in and around our passes. These species snatch bait that swims or float by whatever they are hiding under. For anglers they are a fun sight cast, like any fish however there are some who are not interested in whatever you throw at them. We were able to tag a few this month for Gray Fish Tag Research. I figured this would make for some easy recapture data. WRONG! A few days after tagging we spotted a fish we previously tagged. This fish moved to an entirely different location after the original catch, were were all excited to see it and hoped for a bite. This triple tail wasn’t into playing with us again today. Refused multiple live and artificial baits. Think he recognized the boat?

Triple Tail Fishing

Triple Tail

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