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Fall Family Fishing!

This month we had the opportunity to fish with some great families! Mostly inshore fishing, exploring the flats in Boca Grande and Lemon Bay. The Benisch Family from Colorado, had an exciting day on the water. Starting with some inshore and fly fishing, they had a great bite this week. Hooking into snook, snapper, sennet and even a gag grouper out of the mangroves! All of those species fly made for an exciting day. He was throwing a patterned fly that matches local bait fish in the area. When creating your flies its important to know what these fish are attracted to! We do offer fly fishing equipment upon request or you can always bring your favorite set up on board. To end the day I brought the Benisch family over to the goliath grounds to pull on something a bit bigger! They were excited to catch a few goliath grouper. They got into the water for a few great photos as well! Christmas card material.

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