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Inshore Charlotte Harbor & Boca Grande

The hot story of the week? Eclipse fishing! It was another hot day here in SWFL. The fish did not seem to be effected by the rare event. Met Cameron at the dock, loaded with bait by 730am. Guests had a great morning catching snook, mangrove snapper and trout. Talk about bringing home a fresh lunch!

September 1st begins snook season. Slot size is 28-33 inches. For this species, our vessel is catch (tag optional) and release. As we believe it's much better for our fishery and future generations to let these fish go. In the fall larger snook move into the back country from their nearshore spawning locations, where they have spent a large part of summer. They are following bait schools and other food moving inshore. Hiding in the shadows ready to ambush that pilchard as it swims by. An exciting catch and release, like a tarpon a snook gives powerful runs and arial action.

After a morning of catching juvenile snook and trout, Cj (pictured) landed this 40 inch snook on live bait.

Contact me today to schedule your fall inshore fishing trip!

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