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Tarpon battle on the beaches

My guests today were excited to hook into their very first tarpon. We had a relaxing morning, fishing a few different schools along our beaches. There are less boats, less stress on the fish. A more peaceful sight casting environment. Anglers wait all year for calm waters when these silver kings begin to roam the sandy shorelines.

It was a tough bite, plenty of fish to cast your crab at. None seemed interested in eating what we had to offer. Like any tarpon angler we pressed on. Their persistence paid off! Poncho hooked into a tarpon as they were crossing the sandbar. In about five feet of water he got to watch his fish "slurp" his bait off the top of the crystal clear water. What a rush! I always cast a rod during charters ( the more baits in the school the better ) Although it makes the catch even more memorable when the angler gets the bite and hook up all on their own. It came together for him today and he landed his very first tarpon in about 30 mins.

Captain Andrew and Poncho getting ready to release his tarpon. Anglers take home a scale hook and leader as memory of their silver king catch!

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