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Topwater Amberjack

Its officially open harvest on Greater Amberjack. Anglers are allowed one fish per day over 34 inches to the fork. Seafood lovers enjoy this catch smoked, they are an aggressive fish with fighting power. This week we were getting them fired up on large topwater plugs.

These fish were chasing the plugs in packs of 5-10. Crashing the surface on the bait and getting hooked. At this location you have to keep them off the bottom. The guys did a great job using Penn Battle & Conflict 6000 reels. Keeping one for dinner and having a blast catching and releasing the rest of the day.

I offer these trips when weather allows, seas two feet or less for an enjoyable ride. I travel up to 9 miles in the Gulf of Mexico for this species as well as grouper and snapper. Contact me today to set up your next trip!

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