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Winter Gulf Of Mexico Fishing

One of my favorites to catch in the fall/winter months are King Mackerel. The big brother to the Spanish Mackerel, these toothy fish are an exciting fight and quite frustrating if you aren't prepared. Their teeth can easily cut though heavy monofilament and fluorocarbon line. For the best success I use a wire leader that can easily attach to your mainline using a swivel. I use 58lb wire to a 4/0 circle hook, to a small stinger treble hook. They eat a variety of natural baits from frozen chucks of sardines and mullet to live thread fins and and blue runners. Anglers also have success with artificial baits while trolling

Raygin with a few king mackerel.

Another fun cool water catch is triple tail. These fish show up in our area during the fall/winter months when the gulf water cools. They are attracted to floating debris, such as wood, heavy mats of seaweed, floating chairs, even trash like balloons ( please pick them up after you catch your fish ) These are a hearty fish that put up a fun fight. They feed best on anything flashy. Live white bait, small pinfish. Artificial baits are a favorite of mine during triple tail season, handy you can always leave one tied on the rod. I like gold or silver artificial shrimp. Cast past them letting your bait or lure swim by naturally. They are a fun sight cast, heart pounding when you watch them swim out and eat your bait. They are a seafood lovers favorite.

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