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Red Grouper

Not a typical day in the Gulf Of Mexico. Dealing with some Red Tide about 10 miles to our north we wanted to stay clear of it. Never heard of it? Red tide is naturally occurring event that happens about once a year, an algae bloom that depletes oxygen in the water as it passes though, resulting in fish kill and in extreme cases respiratory problems in humans. Luckily in small cases as seen in Venice/Sarasota this weekend, it usually passes though with in a matter of days.

Capt Andrew planned to fish south and stick to a few rock piles nearshore and it paid off. The water was beautiful, filled with bait balls and spanish mackerel and blue runners streaking though them. Today the guys were using live pinfish and frozen cut squid for bait. Simon hooked up right away to a grouper just an inch under size, photo release for this guy!

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