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Man OVER BOARD Goliath Grouper

Not often do charter guests end up in the water....

Captain Andrew is always looking out for angler safety. When catching a fish that weighs more than you, there is always a bigger risk factor. Best advice the captain gives to our guests, if they feel as if the fish is too strong or they need help to ask, or drop the rod and reel. We tie off our big game gear just in case of an emergency. Dustin found this out today while nearshore fishing for goliath grouper.

Dustin was hooked up to a massive Goliath Grouper just a few miles out of Boca Grande Pass. The fish took him in and out of the bottom structure. Really testing the 1000lb line. All of a sudden the fish decided to switch direction, pulling Dustin into the water. He didn't let this fall phase him, he gets right back in the fighting seat and pulls this 500lb + fish up to the surface. It was one of the toughest battles we've seen yet, but the angler won. A great fish story to take back to South Dakota. Watch the video HERE

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