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Family Nearshore FUN!

Lee and his crew have been fishing with us in for a few years now. This trip we took them nearshore exploring the local wrecks outside of Boca Grande. The waters were rough but the fish didn't seem to mind. The day started off with some smaller catches. Spanish mackerel were biting anything that flashed by them, flashy spoons ans jigs caught their eye. They are toothy and are known to steal tackle, use light wire as a bite leader. The barracuda began eating every mackerel that was hooked. The guys did get a few to the boat and even a snook off some hard bottom.

Last year it was Dave who caught a BIG Goliath grouper. This year it was Lee's turn. These big fish hide in wreck structure to ambush prey. They easily break you off diving deep into their hole of rocky structure. Thankfully he was hooked up with Bullbuster 600lb and was able to reel in this BEAST of a goliath grouper below. I think it beat last year's by a few hundred pounds. I cant wait to see what they hook into next year!

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