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Inshore & Tarpon Fishing

I had some great anglers this week. Inshore redfish and snook have been biting though the full moon. Our client caught a snook we previously tagged for Gray Fishtag Research. Full report will be up on their site in about two weeks. This is an exciting recapture showing that when handled properly juvinile snook can be caught and released with little to no damage. The tag was left in place during second release.

Tarpon are sprawling out along our beaches making for a fun hunt and rewarding catch. These schools of fish range from 20-200 fish. During a trip this week Ted hooked up to a stubborn tarpon fighting it for over an hour before getting it boat side for a photo and release. He used a Penn Battle with 50lb Bullbuster braid to 50lb fluorocarbon leader and a 7/0 Trokar Hook.

Tarpon Fishing

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