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  • Mallory Herzog

Snook Tag and Release

Jimmy and Andrew joined us for a day of inshore fishing for snook. A saltwater species they had yet to catch. After battling a windy morning we found a quiet place to set up, by the afternoon everyone was hooking up on snook. It was great to see their excitement every time a line got picked up. They are featuring their trip on their YouTube Channels over the next few weeks! Check out their pages NoobAngler & RawrFishing.

Today we were tagging ALL our snook for Grey Fishtag Research. These tags are lightweight and designed for inshore species. When a tagged fish is recaptured the angler can report it online or via the phone number on the tag. If you catch a tagged fish its great if you can get a measurement and remember the location caught. Handle with care if you intend to release the tagged catch to continue its journey. It will be interesting to see how these fish grow and where these fish end up. Be on the look out for them if you fish Boca Grande/ Charlotte Harbor/ Englewood area!

Tackle Talk. Today we used Penn battle reels size 2500 with 15 lb line to 30lb leader. Circle hook 3/0 with a live white bait. A combination a hungry snook cant resist.

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