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Quality Inshore

Inshore Charlotte Harbor and Boca Grande the bigger fish have been roaming around. Plenty of in slot redfish, snook and trout prowling around our local flats. White bait is first choice, pinfish and live shrimp are tied for a close second. Artificial has been working well in the morning. Popping cork and artificial shrimp for trout. Top water lure for snook and jacks. Larger trout have been attacking small pin-fish on a float. Redfish have been picky eaters but not passing up a white bait. I caught red drum pictured below when my line was drooped over a tree branch, I was about to move it when she bit. It was almost as if I planned it.

Captain Andrew ( In the video above) with a redfish being released after being caught during a recent charter. Subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel to see more catches like this.

Brian (Pictured Below) and his Dad spent the day inshore catching a variety of fish. Pictured below is his first Sennet and Snook. A Sennet looks a lot like a mini barracuda and they are closely related. Brian is a great fishermen, next time he is going to concur a Goliath Grouper!

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