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  • Mallory Herzog

Winter Sheepshead

Sheepshead are always a good winter bite, especially for those fishermen who like to bring home dinner. These fish like structure, rocks, bridges pilings. Can be caught by land or sea. Anglers should look for piling or docks covered in shells and crustaceans. On a good water clarity day, you can see them around the pilings. Drop your bait right to them. Weight on the bottom is best for hook up to land ratio, giving the angler an opportunity to better feel the bite.

Dan in town from Ohio, spent the day on the water catching these "convicts" and bringing home a few for dinner. They are known to be bait thieves. They feed on barnacles by using their "human" like teeth to rip though the tough shell. Many anglers also use fiddler crabs or scape barnacles from whatever structure they are fishing near. Best bite is during a rising tide, challenging to hook but a rewarding tasty catch.

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