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Venny vs Goliath

Full boat full of fun today. CHILLY temps, I'm tallking 40 degrees with the wind chill when we left the dock. We had some serious focoused fishermen with us today! Ann and Bob King from Setting the Hook Apparel, Robert Warner from Florida Fishermen and Venny Melton a hard core lady angler who wanted to hook into a goliath grouper for the first time.

We pulled up to our location dressed more like we were going skiing than fishing. The heat was in the fish today. We were ready. Right away Venny hooked a BIG one. So large that it broke her off in the structure. Round two she was ready, when her fish ate she set hook and brought it boatside in less than 5 mins! What a fight full of girl power! We spent the rest of the day touring Boca Grande.

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