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Brittany & Adam's First Goliath's

Remember Barry from a few posts back? Well he's join us again and this time brought friends. His sister Brittany and their friend Adam. They wanted to experience these HUGE fish for themselves. We set out on a windy morning. Wavy conditions, they were going to earn their sea legs today. Adam was up first. Barry was on deck helping him get the line in the right position. He yelled up to me that it was snagged. Knowing this area well, there aren't any snags. I pull on the line a few times until i realize this is no snag but a HUGE goliath grouper. Hold on Adam! After an intense battle he pulled up a 300lb+ Goliath Grouper.

The sun finally came out and it was Brittany's turn. She was nervous, this was a BIG fish. As we threw the bait in, not much time to worry because she was hooked up. Her brother Barry spotted her giving her a hand when needed. She reeled in a huge grouper as well! These fish were on fire today with Barry catching two smaller ones.

It got crowded and we were getting ready to head to the ramp, we had one last bait. Mallory and Barry were standing on the bow, the water was so clear they were watching the grouper move from piling to piling as the clear waters of the incoming tide rushed in. There were plenty down there, Adam was up for one last try. The reel nested as the bait was dropped, you can guess what happens next. FISH ON! With the reel temporarily bound up, Adam only had one option. Handline. He grabbed the bullbuster 600lb and pulled this fish up to the surface, another BIG grouper in the 150lb+ range.

Book your trip today to catch yours!

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