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Don, Patricia & Heather

Christams eve on the water with Don, Patricia and Heather. We had an action packed day in the Gulf of Mexico. Don caught the first fish of the day, a blue runner. He was pretty surprised when I immediately put a 20/0 circle hook though it and sent it to the bottom. I told him we were going to upgrade him. Time passed and we hooked up to a few more nice catches. Big Mangrove Snapper, great to take home for dinner.

Sharks started to come in when the jacks showed up. They were swarming at the back of the boat. Today they liked to eat our freelined white bait, this set up isnt ideal for landing a shark. Patrica hooked up and did a great job getting a 3-4foot spinner shark to the boat.

Right after we released the shark the BIG reel went off. This was Don's upgrade we were talking about earlier. HOLD ON! He did a great job keeping this BIG fish out of the structure while chasing it around the boat. In a matter of minutes he had this goliath grouper boat side. 200lbs+ I think this is Don's largest catch.

As the day went on the bite slowed and we caught a limit of snapper and a few catch and release gag grouper. Just as we were about to head in heather hooked up on a bigger shark, she fought this shark for about 20 mins before it eventually wore through the leader. Great day of family fun in the sun. A great way to spend the holiday's.

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