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Winter Cobia

Nikki set out with us on a sporting day. Seas have been rough due to warm windy weather, we stayed close and hoped our chumslick would call something in for a bite. Our fish finder was showing great activitiy when we pulled on to the structure. Some baits were freelined, 50lb bullbuster main line to 60lb leader to a 6/0 circle hook. Others were sent to the bottom with a simple knocker rig. All of the baits sent to the bottom were picked up and broken off by goliath grouper with them being only 80lb line. Pinfish and white bait were the live bait of choice this morning. Chum slick was made up of Aquatic Nutrition "Snapper UP" and cut up pinfish/ white bait.

The freelined baits however, had much better luck getting picked up by Cobia. In a matter of 30 mins, Nikki was hooking up to cobia back to back. All but one being keeper sized.

Nikki also caught a black nose shark she named Lynard and tagged for Grey Fish Tag Research, She nammed and measured her catch, and recorded other data such as location , sex and condition of shark ect. Check out the live tag feed online, if her shark is recaptured we will be notifed via mail.

She also caught a barracuda and tripletail. Another great day catching in SWFL!

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