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  • Mallory Herzog

Heather's First Offshore Adventure

Heather was excited to venture offshore to catch a few fish she wanted to check off her bucket list. We arrived to the first reef around 8am. It was a cold morning, Set out live pinfish right away on free lined 6/0 circle hook. The rod hardly made it in the holder before there was a fish on. Cobia! First fish of the day was dinner and went in the fish box.

After awhile we pushed further offshore. Once at the next location we didn't have to sit long before the action started. Heather caught her first gag grouper and amber jack. Both tagged and released for Grey Fish Tag Research.

Goliath grouper was a big deal and heather really wanted to land one. Even saying she was going to jump into the water if she was successful. Well, she got her chance. The 50w started screaming and Heather was hooked up to a pissed off giant grouper. After a tough fight she brought the fish to the surface. Quickly getting into her swimwear and jumping in the COOL waters of the gulf of Mexico to capture some amazing pictures of her first ever goliath grouper. After we let her warm up a bit we couldn't let her go in without trying out the handline. Just you and the fish. She hooked into a fighter, this fish did not want to come up to the surface, in the end she won and got her first two grouper back to back.

Pretty unbelievable right? Well believe it and check out the video below!

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