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  • Mallory Herzog

Get The Funk Off

You’ve been on the water all day, with lots of fish stories and catches. Even brought a few home for dinner. You have a pile of fish to clean. Load up the boat, find a good parking spot and clean your catch. When your all finished you realize there is no running water and your Yeti is covered in blood, much like your hands. Then you remember you have it covered. Thankfully Fish-D-Funk sent you a care package last week.

These wipes and spray’s are incredible. They take any odor off your hands or surface you use them on. They have a scented wipe ( that I think smells like mens cologne) or a non scented. They both work INSTANTLY! They use a “double down” technology that neutralizes odors at molecular level and counteracts odors at the molecular level. Great to keep on board for charters, for your clients. No one likes eating lunch with fishy hands.

They have a wide range of products, a Cooler- D-Funk that doubles as a live well spray for those moments you are so exhausted from fishing you forget to clean them out! Have you ever forgotten a jack in the live well after a day of shark fishing?! Yikes, you can smell that a few houses away. Luckily disposing of the old bait will be your biggest battle, these products will have your live wells like new. Ingredients are not harmful to fish, completely safe to use. Just rinse thoroughly with cool water. A Boat-d-funk spray is great for those musty hatches. They even have a spray to make your favorite family pet smell a bit better. Our most recent favorite product we picked up at ICAST Gun-D-Funk! Captain Andrew put it to use right away! Gun-D-Funk is also good for preventing corrosion on all the metal surfaces of your boat.

Have you ever used Aquatic Nutrition Sport Fishing Chums? They include a sample of Fish-D-Funk in the bottom of the bag! I remember meeting this company for the first time in 2013. We put Chum Slick on our hands during Icast ( one of the foulest smelling chums in the industry ) tested these wipes and have been hooked ever since. Check them out online, you can order via their website and give them a like on Facebook!

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