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Trey VS Goliath

Ty and his son Trey, came down from Tampa to spend the day in Boca Grande. They are experienced fishermen, and have a love for Boca as many of us do. They were interested in some Bowfishing and catching a Goliath Grouper. One of the most adrenaline filled trips we offer. Whats more exciting than shooting your bait with a spear and using it to catch a 100lb+ fish?!

You couldn’t of asked for a more beautiful morning. We set out on the flat in search of our bait, stingray! Morning glare makes this a bit difficult but we had a few in our sights. Captain Andrew driving, myself & Trey shooting at the bow. I finally spot one and get a shot, but my arrow hits it near the tip of its wing. I need Trey to get a second arrow in this feisty southern sting ray before my arrow pulls out! In no time we had the sting ray on the deck and in the live well! Great team work.

Now were off for Goliath Grouper. Fresh bait in the well and two guys eager to feel the pull of one tough fish. We explained they ranged in size. 100lb – 500lbs. You just never know which one is going to eat. They key is holding on, and getting them out of the structure. Trey was up first we got him situated, I think it was maybe just a few minutes before he was hooked up, FISH ON! He quickly felt how powerful these fish are, easily wrapping you in structure and breaking 400lb line like a hot knife though butter. This is why the captain carries so many hooks. It wasnt long till he got another one to bite, Trey was ready for him this time.

He was working hard and pulling this fish out of the pilings, dad Ty lending a hand so Trey won’t fall off the cooler! As much as you keep reeling the fish keeps digging. Taking out as much line as you just reeled in. Give the reel more drag and hold on tight. You have to be stronger than the fish. Using such heavy drag you eventually wear the fish out. Its a great feeling when you start to see color and your catch coming towards the surface! His catch was 250-300lbs. Nicely done Trey!

After a few quick snap shots Trey released his giant from the deep back into the depths of Boca Grande. Ty & Trey also hand-lined a few smaller Goliaths before the trip was over. That is really exciting, its just you and a rope. You can feel all the fish’s movements and you might be surprised on how strong you really are! Another memorable day on the water. Check out our YOUTUBE page for Trey’s full video of his catch and release! We cant wait to have them out again!

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