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Beach Snook & Surprise Tarpon

Ned and Azaria set out for a relaxing day. They wanted to check out a few beaches and do some light tackle fishing. We started the day hanging out along Cayo Costa Island. Calm waters and plenty of bait along the shoreline, perfect spot to cast around for snook. These fish hang out in the shallows, right where you typically are standing when you wade out on the beach.

We were heading in and I stopped to check out a spot I saw a few tarpon earlier in the week. Surprisingly they were still there. After about 10 mins we had a fish on! Azaria did a great job keeping control of this HUGE tarpon in a busy waterway. These fish were hanging out near a popular channel in pine island sound. With a little luck, we were able to steer this fish up on to a flat where the we were able to get control of the fish. Azaria and Ned hopped in the water for a few quick photos before release!

Watch a video of her catch below! Ready to catch yours? Call/Text 941.661.0304

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