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Rolling Though May

Whenever someone asks "Are there still tarpon around?"  Yea.. a few thousand! 

I fish tarpon though the first week in July every year.  That is when they are more prevalent and anglers are most likely to get a bite.  This tarpon season has been great, we have had plenty of fish to catch.  The recent rain has triggered the crab flush to increase, making the tarpon bite off the charts!  Kids on our charters LOVE scooping up these crabs, its like a live action video game!

Within a few hours of sunrise and a few before sunset, the fish have been going nuts! These have been some of the most productive tides of the season. Acres of these fish rolling around you.  Watching these fish "slurp" drifting crabs off the surface hoping yours will be next!  

Ready to fish? Dates available the last weekend in May and though June.  

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