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Kings & Nearshore Bite

Near shore has been a HOT bite this spring. Our gulf waters have warmed quickly bringing in all different species to our wrecks. Kingfish are an especially fun catch, many people love to smoke these fish and wait on their yearly migrations to catch them! They are a Spanish mackerel's BIG brother. Jetta pictured above with her KING mackerel catch. They decided to release their catch to be caught another day.

Snapper have been very active on rocky bottom. In some areas you have to downsize your leader to get them to bite. We were chumming them up to the surface, with live bait in about 45 feet. They are a blast to get fired up and catch on light tackle. Triple tail are still nearshore and you might find a few in the harbor. Ned & Azaria pictured with their fresh dinner

We are still fishing! Book your trip online, call or text 941-661-0304

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