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Trap Line

Most of the time, crab traps are some what of a nuisance to the recreational boater. Not this time of year.

As our water cools and bait becomes abundant along our beaches, a cool water fish moves in. The triple tail! With all our recent closures on our inshore species, triple tail has been a favorite of seafood lovers. One keeper size triple tail will feed two people easily.

This weekend Keith, Jen & her daughter Hayley hooked up to a few before landing a keeper. To harvest a tripletail in Florida. it must be 18 inches. This is a recent change from the previous 15 inches.

Yearly we TAG these fish for Gray Fishtag Research. Yes, I've seen then floating out there days after we've tagged them, you think it would be an easy recapture? THINK AGAIN! These fish are pretty intelligent and once a boater has scared or messed with a certain fish, they won't respond to the bait. Sinking deeper into the water column. Better luck another day!

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