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Spring break is in FULL swing in SWFL. While our temps are in the 80's fisherman have had to hang tough this week in some wavy and windy conditions! Jay and his crew visit us yearly from Ohio, they are just happy not to be shoveling their cars out this morning. While they have fished with us in the past, something has always gotten in the way of them hooking up to sharks.. until now!

Jay quickly hooked up, after about a 10 min fight the shark dropped the bait. He didn't have to wait very long until the line was tight again, this one was stuck! He successfully reeled in a 7 foot + Sandbar shark. We pulled her in for tagging and a great photo. Shark was safely released after photo, which brings up a good point. We do not kill sharks, strictly tag and release. If you are looking for a slaughter boat this is where you should move on to a new captain.

Henry was hooked up next, this one was wild. Came up to the surface pretty quickly and thats when we knew. Hammerhead shark! Great job to the angler on this fish. Hammers are known to use their snake-like bodies to move around enough to de hook themselves or break the line. They are one of the fastest swimming sharks in the ocean often chasing down sting rays along the ocean floor.

While this is a BIG shark at nearly 7 1/2 foot it is a "teenager" by shark standards. Over the next month the true GIANTS return to Boca Grande. Spring hammerheads reach nearly 15 feet in length! Yea you are gonna need a bigger boat!

Want to hook up to an apex predator?

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