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October Bites

October has flown by with many great catches and memories made on the water. Guests (and the Captain) are loving the new vessel, the Skeeter 240. Inshore fishing has been incredible over the last few weeks. Ive been seeing plenty of BIG fish as well as our average size juvenile species.

This is a great sign for our fishery. Small steps in rebounding from the tragic red tide event. We are still reporting CLEAN water in our area this week, and FWC red tide testing confirms our area was negative in recent testing. Darin pictured below with a 41 inch snook. WOAH!

In BIG fish news Goliath Grouper are back and giving anglers back problems. I just re spooled the penn 50w and these hooked into multiple fish that broke them off ( thats 600lb line btw) they were finally successful in pulling one up from the booth! These fish are a blast and are a true test of strength and sometimes.. patience!

Goliaths are caught all winter long along with our migratory sandbar and spinner sharks that move in during cold months!

As always, Ill keep updating my blog on the site weekly if you would like an update on the current water conditions. You can always give me a call or text as well!

Looking forward to a great fall and winter season!

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