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Fishing Vacation

Mike and family spent two days on the water during their SWFL vacation. Target species was shark. Day one was full of bites, spinner sharks and black nose. Two common and fun winter species ranging from 4feet to -6.5 feet in size. Spinner sharks get their name by "rocketing" out of the water when hooked or chasing prey. This year the water is just now starting to cool. Sandbar sharks are hitting out beaches as temperatures drop with the cold front we had over the weekend.

On the way in for the day I took everyone to hook into some Goliath Grouper. These fish hang around structure and offshore wrecks. I describe it best as extreme bottom fishing. They are a fun and difficult fight for even an experienced angler.

That shadow you see under the grouper is the friendly local dolphin. She tries her best to steal bait while we fish for these grouper. Our guests always love to see and interact with her. Day two was also full of action with some BIGGER catches. Mike landed a spinner shark which he tagged & released. If his shark is ever recaptured and reported, he will get notified via mail by Gray Fishtag Research. He also caught a bull shark and HUGE stingray.

All catches were safely released including the ray. Captain Andrew encourages catch and release whenever possible. Contact us today to book your shark fishing trip!

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